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HumanN: leaders in Nitric Oxide Research &
a University of Texas Health Science Center Technology Portfolio Company.

Over 1,500 leading physicians rely upon HumanN to provide the best Nitric Oxide solutions for their patients.

Powered by a blue ribbon Scientific Advisory Board, HumanN is the leader in the Nitric Oxide category with patented products discovered at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston. We’re the only company in the world that has brought N-O to market in such powerfully accessible formulations for the general public through exclusive license to our N-O platform technology.

Grow Your Business to the Power of N.

HumanN has appeared in 6 peer-reviewed published clinical trials, and upholds extremely high standards in the production of our functional foods and supplements as we continually consult with the top scientists, doctors, registered dietitians, and healthcare innovators to bring the best products to market.

We’ve sold millions of our flagship Neo40 tablets to consumers around the world – many of them through our physician affiliates and practitioner partners – as part of our commitment to improving every individual’s health to their full potential.

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Since 2015, our flagship Neo40 product has been the #1 physician-recommended Nitric Oxide enhancement product.


The Only Technology of Its Kind — In the World.

Neo40 is a nitric oxide solution backed by 15 years of science research: 6 issued US patents, 2 international patents, and 6 more pending patents worldwide.

As the only technology in the world to deliver authentic Nitric Oxide gas, both Neo40 Daily and Neo40 Professional work through a unique 2-phase system. Both Neo40 Daily and Neo40 Professional are safe and effective, based on the gold standard of clinical trials — 6 randomized, placebo-controlled studies published in peer reviewed medical and scientific journals.

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