Introducing Protein40 — the 3-in-1 protein shake to support muscle & bone health. Try it today!

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new era of protein.

Build strength from within with Protein40, formulated for optimal muscle & bone health as you approach 40 — and beyond! Enjoy a delicious protein shake featuring 3 superior proteins & added essential minerals.

Strength starts within.
Protein fights muscle loss.

Without the right proteins in your diet, the entire structural framework of your body is at risk. Discover why we created Protein40, a premium protein shake designed for optimal muscle & bone health for anyone approaching 40 & beyond, by downloading Dr. John Ivy’s latest guide –
Strength Starts Within.

Live up to your human potential.
Live to the Power of N.

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We’re bringing Nitric Oxide and functional foods to every human to allow them to push harder, achieve greater and live exponentially, to the Power of N.

Functional Foods that Truly Function

We’re more mindful of the relationship between what we eat and how our bodies perform. From this mindfulness came HumanN’s circulation functional foods.


SuperBeets is our circulation functional food created from beetroot and selected for a specific balance of dietary nitrates to optimize N-O potential.

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Functional Greens for the Heart

Not all greens are created equal. Our focus on formulation includes the right greens, in the right doses, to ensure the delivery of functional benefit.


HeartGreens is the first and only greens product formulated with cardiovascular health in mind, featuring premium ingredients like kale and spinach to support Nitric Oxide production.

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Make Age Just a Number

Around the age of 40, N-O levels begin to dramatically decline. Our commitment to research has led to the development of the most effective N-O activating formulations.


Neo40 is our flagship product and our first to help support our body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide.

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Your Next Personal Record Awaits

The difference between “good enough” and “greater than” can be N-O. HumanN offers the right balance of dietary nitrates and other nutrients  to help the body activate N-O production.


Our endurance superfood, BeetElite is scientifically formulated specifically to support enhanced stamina and energy.

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Strength Starts Within

Protein plays a vital role in your muscle & bone health, so it’s essential to provide your body with the precise proteins to help keep you strong for life.


Protein40 is our premium protein solution formulated with precisely the right amounts – and types – of protein your body needs to help maintain muscle & bone health as you age.

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This is our life’s work.
Because it impacts every life.

We’ve spent years dedicated to N-O, an incredibly powerful molecule. Our science team, Dr. Nathan Bryan and Dr. John Ivy, in conjunction with the N-O research program at the UT Health Science Center, have led the charge in N-O research and innovation.

Nitric Oxide Impacts Circulation

N-O signals the blood vessels in the body to relax and dilate, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body through enhanced circulation and greater cardiovascular performance.

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Nitric Oxide Impacts Heart Health

The discovery of N-O was called the greatest discovery in cardiovascular medicine and was awarded a Nobel Prize.

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Nitric Oxide Impacts Blood Pressure

Nitric oxide supports the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health because it relaxes and dilates arteries, promoting healthy circulation.

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Nitric Oxide Impacts Energy

Circulation carries the oxygen and nutrients you need to not only function, but thrive. Research suggests that increasing N-O levels helps increase our energy, endurance and stamina.

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Nitric Oxide Impacts Endurance

Top athletes look to our functional foods and supplements to help them unlock the performance-enhancing power of N-O.

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When I say we want to change the world I think that's not beyond our reach.

Dr. Bryan,
HumanN Co-Founder and
Chief Science Officer - Nitric Oxide

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