Who is HumanN?

At HumanN, we believe exceptional potential exists within all of us and that our health can either propel us forward or hold us back from achieving exponential growth. 

We create products that help you pursue your health goals while you strive to live better, happier, and more fulfilled lives. We do that by harnessing the power of nutrition science to ensure you’re getting superfood nutrients in a way that fits your lifestyle, genetics, preferences, and personal goals. 

Where are you located?

All our products are made in the USAOur offices are in Austin, Texas. 


When should I ask my doctor about Nitric Oxide?

As with any nutritional supplement, check with your physician, pharmacist, or qualified healthcare professional when changing up your daily regimen. Note that many practitioners are just now learning about the incredible benefits of Nitric Oxide, and aren’t necessarily aware of products like Neo40. To provide the best information for both consumers and medical professionals, our website includes a plethora of facts, methodology, research and clinical studies. If your healthcare provider isn’t familiar with the latest studies about N-O, simply direct them to Humann.com. 

Where can I get more information and facts about Nitric Oxide?

There’s a wealth of information about Nitric Oxide available in our Science section. And please feel free to email us at info@humann.com for any further questions. 

Where do I find the clinical studies you mention?

Explore our Science section for information on clinical studies, nutrition, and other education. And please feel free to email us at info@humann.com for any further questions. 


I'm a journalist & want to write about HumanN!

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at info@humann.com 

I'm an influencer and want to work with HumanN!

We’re always looking for partners and creators!Email us atinfluencers@humann.com 


Where is my order?

Find the status of your order by using our Chat function in the bottom-right corner of this website to quickly look up your order statusreceive tracking information, and speak with a Customer Support representative. 

You can also call or text our Customer Support team at 1-855-636-4040. We’re available Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm CST. Or email our Customer Support team at support@humann.com.

What foods can I eat to increase my Nitric Oxide production?

Many foods, such as spinach, nuts, artichokes, beets and certain green teas, are rich in dietary nitrates, which convert in the body to Nitric Oxide. However, one of the known facts about Nitric Oxide is that it gets harder to consume enough of these nitrate-rich foods in order to compensate for the declining Nitric Oxide production levels of your body as you age.

How do I cancel my enrollment in the subscription program?

Cancel your enrollment in our subscription program at any time by calling our Customer Support team at 1-855-636-4040 or by filling out our contact form and submitting your request online. 

How fast do orders ship out?

Online orders can take up to one business day to process and ship. Standard shipping is done via USPS and generally takes five to seven business days. Two-day shipping is done via UPS. NOTE: There will be no Saturday deliveries for two-day shipping. For full details, see here. 

What happens if my product arrived faulty or damaged?

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your order, contact us at support@humann.com or use our Chat function in the bottom-right corner of this website and we’d be happy to provide next steps. We will ask for photos to look into any product issues or damages so please have this ready. 

What is your return policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with your product, you may return it within 90 days from the order date for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling charge. The item must be returned, used or unused, in good condition in original boxes. You must also provide a Return to Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) number along with the product, which you can get by calling our Customer Support team at 855-636-4040. Please write the RMA number on the outside of the return box, so the return can be processed by our Returns Department. Any return without the RMA number on the outside of the box will not be processed for refund. 

Where is the product I ordered through the mail?

Typical processing time for orders and checks received through the mail takes 5 to 7 business days. We can assure you that once your payment is processed, we will send out your product. 

What is NoFraud and why did I get an email from them?

HumanN has partnered with NoFraud, a fraud prevention solution for eCommerce businesses. NoFraud screens transactions on our behalf and alerts us if they find a transaction is at high risk for fraud. This protects our customers against unauthorized credit card use. 

You may have received an email, call or text from NoFraud because your transaction with us had irregular shopping characteristics and/or elevated risk. NoFraud just wants to confirm the purchase was made by the authorized cardholder. If an order cannot be verified, it is automatically refunded and cancelled within 48 hours of being placed. 


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, oany subscription order and on one-time purchases above $75.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet – we only ship within the United States at this time. However, we’re working on international shipping. 

Why should I sign up for the subscription program?

Nitric Oxide is critical to our very lives and wellbeing. Which means replenishing it is critical, as well. We’ve made it easy to get our functional foods and supplements through our subscription program. When you join the program, you’ll receive monthly shipments of one or more of our products, or if you prefer, a three-month supply every 90 days for our best savings. Shipping is free with our subscription program and you can cancel any time. 


Can I find HumanN products in stores?

Yes – our products are sold at leading retailers such as GNC, CVS, and Sprouts Farmers Market, but please visit our Store Locator to find all our various retail locations. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes – please email us at retail@humann.com