We stand on the shoulders of giants

to bring Nitric Oxide to the world.

Science is at the core of our company. And our products.

Building on the 1998 Nobel prize-winning research and Nitric Oxide research studies that have since followed, HumanN’s Dr. Nathan Bryan was recruited by the Nobel Laureate to work in the N-O Discovery Program at the University of Texas.

It was through this program that Dr. Bryan discovered a safe and natural way to get the body to restore its N-O function. Wanting to bring this technology to the masses, he co-founded Neogenis Laboratories, now HumanN, in 2009.

Dr. Bryan, one of today’s most recognized experts in Nitric Oxide research, is credited with a number of significant discoveries in Nitric Oxide function and metabolism. He has been published extensively in the field and holds nine patents or patents pending related to Nitric Oxide.

As the company expanded its Nitric Oxide reach into sports nutrition, renowned Dr. John Ivy joined the company as

Executive Director of Sport & Nutrition Research. Dr. Ivy is considered one of the world’s leading scientists in the areas of sports nutrition and protein synthesis, authoring over 170 scientific papers and several books, including the well-known and respected Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition. Working with notable sports greats, including Michael Phelps during his training for the 2012 Summer Olympics, his contributions to sports nutrition and science are unparalleled.

Today, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Ivy are joined by HumanN’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of an impressive team of scientists across a range of disciplines.


Hear from leading N-O
researcher, Dr. Nathan Bryan
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