It's time that our brand reflected why we do what we do, and who we do it for.

Welcome to HumanN®.

For the last five years, our products have been inspiring people to do all kinds of extraordinary things. So much so, that we've been inspired to make some changes of our own. And though you’ll still find your favorite patented products, as well as our commitment to science and leadership, our name and look have changed to better express the road we’ve taken and where we’re going. We’re glad you’re here for the journey.


For all humans reaching past their individual limits in the attempt to achieve the extraordinary.

Neogenis has changed its name to logo humann®

Like every person striving to better themselves and achieve all they were meant to, we too are evolving. And though you’ll still find your favorite products here, we look and feel very different, in the best possible way.

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Why HumanN®? We want every human to live up to the potential inherent in the human body. To push harder, achieve greater and finish stronger in whatever it is that matters most to you. Everything we do is to help you achieve that. Because that’s what matters most to us.

Rest assured, this is all good change.

Beyond better capturing the essence of the products and potential we create for humans everywhere, our transformation doesn’t change much for you. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We are as committed as ever to our science, and nothing about our leadership has changed.
  • All communications, including invoices, will come to you as HumanN®.
  • We have so many incredible things on the horizon, so be on the lookout!
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We exist to help you live up to your full potential. Starting with the power of Nitric Oxide, an incredible, foundational element in our bodies.


We believe every human is capable of extraordinary things.

Paul Trebilcock

Of all the goals and accolades Paul has achieved as a professional athlete, his proudest accomplishment is starting the Kids for Kenya-Toilet Run, which supports the building of toilets at schools in Kenya.

Lindsay Webster

Lindsay is a pioneer in the female OCR world, and her own life. She left the stability of a regular income to take a chance on something she wasn’t even sure she would be good at. The result? She’s the happiest she’s ever been.

Matt Novakovich

There isn’t much this Alaskan doesn’t do. A roofer by day, professional athlete by weekend, and dedicated father of 4 always, Matt believes that we are each responsible for the outcome of our lives and happiness, and he’s definitely walking the talk.

Challenge what you think is humanly possible

Joel Kocher
Founder & CEO
Adventurer, father of five

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Be you, to the Power of N.

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