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Groundbreaking HIIT Study on HumanN Beet Product

A  study conducted by Dr. Craig Broeder of Exercising Nutritionally, used a randomized, double-blind, crossover, matched pair design to determine the acute effects of oral beet supplementation using HumanN beet product on lactate threshold, maximal sustainable power, and the ability to sustain anaerobic high-intensity interval work (HIIT).Read Full Article

A sit down with Dr. Nathan S. Bryan

Neo40 daily is based on the work of renowned nitric oxide researcher Dr. Nathan Bryan. His ongoing research on the effects of nitric oxide on circulation and health, along with his passion for N-O, inspired the formulation of Neo40 daily, created especially for health conscious people who prefer a high quality product backed by science and clinical trial. This video which covers what makes Neo40 unique, how does Neo40 compare to L'arginine, and why Dr. Bryan is so passionate about N-O.Read Full Article

The Connection Between N-O and Healthy Blood Pressure

The extensive research on Nitric Oxide reveals that supporting normal NO production is important to maintaining healthy circulation and blood pressure levels. Dr. Nathan Bryan highlights three ways that Nitric Oxide plays an essential role in regulation in a healthy cardiovascular system.Read Full Article

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