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BeetElite is natural endurance and performance optimization

In your mind, you want to go harder. Faster. Stronger. Can your body keep up? 1 serving of BeetElite gives you the Nitric Oxide equivalent of 6 whole beets to:

  • Extend exercise endurance
  • Improve energy & stamina
  • Increase oxygen delivery


Plant-based, stimulant-free.

BeetElite is Non-GMO and has Zero Caffeine or Stimulants — best of all, it’s tastier and more convenient that eating tons of beets or chugging bottles of beet juice to get the same effect.


You can count on our beets.

We don’t choose just any beets — BeetElite uses only premium quality beets with standardized nitrate levels. We test every new crop at the time of harvest! Our unique process then preserves the nitrate integrity within these beets, so that when you drink it, you’re getting the best benefits for the best results.


Ready to go. Fast.  And, so are you.

You want easy, convenient, sustained energy for hours of endurance & stamina. That extra boost when your lungs are about to burst. BeetElite is designed to work in just 30 minutes for natural endurance and stamina. Scoop or pour, mix with water, and GO.

Trusted by

Pro teams. College sports. World champs. Weekend warriors.

Over 150 top-ranked professional & collegiate teams use BeetElite. (We can’t name drop, but let’s just say, you’d know the teams that rely on BeetElite to up their game.) BeetElite is a pre-workout Nitric Oxide supplement unlike any other beet product in the world.

The World’s Authority in Sports Nutrition & Nitric Oxide Innovation
Nobel Prize-winning research.
A University of Texas Health Science Center Technology Portfolio Company.

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Giving you that last 2-3%, when seconds matter.

BeetElite is clearly the real deal.

“I tried BeetElite a few years ago and it was obvious why I was hitting PRs on my typical interval training runs and benchmark CrossFit workouts. I wasn’t doing anything different except adding in a little shot of BeetElite before training. BeetElite is clearly the real deal. I have shared packets with so many other athletes… after trying it once, everyone clearly feels and recognizes the improvement in recovery and endurance!”

Lauren Ho , Crossfitter, FIT HH Owner

Great for athletes.

“BeetElite has been great for the athletes because I like “simple" and “effective” and that is exactly what Beet Elite is for us. We can travel with it and all you need is a water bottle to use it. Myself and the team nutrition expert (Dr. Pfaffenbach) both see the objective research and the positive effects from the athletes that use it for racing and training."

Danny Mackey , Coach of the Brook’s Beasts Track Club

Improved circulation.

“Don’t let beets scare you off! I know many athletes who do not like eating whole beets but they love using BeetElite. They taste much different and BeetElite works, hands down. I can absolutely tell the difference when I use it during training and competitions. Triathlon is a challenging sport because it requires many different muscle groups to be activated during training and a race. Having improved circulation will help the body receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients it needs for the demands of three different sports.”

Bob Seebohar , MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, METS, former Sport Dietitian for the US Olympic Committee and creator of the Nutrition Periodization™ and Metabolic Efficiency™ concepts.
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How BeetElite Works

BeetElite is natural endurance and performance optimization.

Dissolving BeetElite in water activates a patented Nitric Oxide-generating system.


Within 60 seconds of hitting the stomach, Nitric Oxide metabolites increase in your blood.


After 20 minutes, achieve peak blood levels of bioactive Nitric Oxide that lasts for 90 minutes!


After 60 minutes, your intestines take up the dietary nitrate and concentrates it in the salivary glands.


After 90 minutes, a second burst of bioactive Nitric Oxide enters your circulation from the salivary nitrate.


1 serving of BeetElite =
natural endurance & improved performance.

BeetElite® Canister

Setting new standards. Better qualifying times. Powering your body forward. BeetElite is unlike any other beet or pre-workout Nitric Oxide solution in the world!

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BeetElite® Box

Single-serve packs of BeetElite are great for everyone. Ideal for traveling, working out, or right before your next big race. Think of it as the edge you need to go from the back of the pack to the front.

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From elite athletes to everyday warriors

Amelia Boone Spartan World Champ, WTM Champ, Attorney

Monica Brant Strength & Fitness Icon

Ryan Atkins Pro Endurance Athlete

Lindsay Webster Pro Obstacle Racer, Mountain Biker & Runner

Yancy Culp Entrepreneur, Athlete, & OCR Coach

Lauren Ho Crossfitter, FIT HH Owner

Hunter Kemper Triathlete, Father, Aspiring Author

I always use BeetElite.

“Progression means a lot to me. I’m a 3x World’s Toughest Mudder Champion, a Spartan Race World Champion, and I’ve been on the podium 50+ times. How do I continue to push myself? By trusting the team at HumanN and always using BeetElite.”

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BeetElite keeps me going strong.

“A few years ago, I made the comeback of my life — after 25 years of not sprinting competitively. My goal is to keep myself in top condition physically at any age and BeetElite keeps me going strong.”

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BeetElite provides the edge I need.

“BeetElite is the edge I need to find my next level of endurance when training in the mountains or racing on the Spartan course.”

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So easy and tastes better than eating beets!

“Consuming beets for their antioxidants and vasodilating properties has been a part of my endurance pre-race ritual since I was a teenager. Having one packet that I can just mix into water, which contains the equivalent of six beets, is so much easier than having to juice or roast up a tray. Plus, it tastes better!

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I can hang with athletes half my age.

“It’s not a secret that beets provide sports performance and health benefits. As an athlete, I train 8-10 times a week and race 2-3 times a month. BeetElite provides me with a convenient and effective product that helps ensure my Nitric Oxide levels are topped off which helps this 45 year old body hang with athletes half my age in the gym and out on course. I personally know the entire team at HumanN and I know they take great pride is the entire process that starts with sourcing the beets and ends with providing me with a product I trust and use consistently.”

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Hitting Personal Records with BeetElite.

“I tried BeetElite a few years ago and it was obvious why I was hitting PRs on my typical interval training runs and benchmark CrossFit workouts. I wasn’t doing anything different except adding in a little shot of BeetElite before training… There were (and always will be) novel supplements out there, but BeetElite is clearly the real deal.”

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My #1 pre-race product to push harder and go faster.

“BeetElite is the first product I’ve ever taken where I can feel a noticeable and measurable increase in my training and racing performance. BeetElite is my #1 pre-race product, which I take 30 minutes before every race. When using BeetElite, I guarantee you’ll be able to push harder and go faster in all your training sessions and on race day.”

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