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Nutrition and Nitric Oxide

By: The HumanN Editorial Team 


Generating Nitric Oxide through nutrition isn’t as simple as it sounds. As you age, you may need additional support to generate Nitric Oxide. Find out more information on Nitric Oxide, click here.



Nitric Oxide is very important in regulating blood flow and blood pressure. Nitric Oxide supports healthy blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and dilating arteries. As we get older, we actually don’t produce as much Nitric Oxide. So by the age of 40, we reduce 50% less than we produced when we were 20. Nitric Oxide is not stored in the body. So if you want to generate Nitric Oxide efficiently on a daily basis, then you have to supplement. And that’s why, you know, some people do need help. Things like beets that are high in nitrates, which contribute to Nitric Oxide. We do have supplements that are coming from whole foods. We’re taking a whole food and we’re grabbing onto those benefits that it offers and providing them in a concentrated source that you can actually consume on a day-to-day basis.


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