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Nspirational Stories

Everything you do, you do for a purpose. Whether it’s finding a new way to stay active everyday or choosing to eat right one meal at a time, we want to help you live up to your full potential. To push harder, achieve greater, and finish strong in whatever it is that matters most to you. And we’d love to hear your story.
How are you living to your potential?

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HumanN + Yancy Camp – Workout #1

Time is precious but your fitness is important. Building quick and effective workouts that provide full body focused strength training as well as aerobic conditioning is huge. This workout will take you 20-30 min and it will provide a full body strength training session along with aerobic conditioning.... Read more

5 Ways to Battle Pre-Race Stress

So, how to cope with the stress? I’ve taken the past week to talk with some other athletes, both in the sport of OCR, as well as some friends of mine who have had the honor of competing at the Olympic games, about stress coping mechanisms for these “A” races. Here's my 5 ways to help battle pre-race stress.... Read more

The Tips & Tricks of Tapering

It’s that time of year again! Feeling nervous? Excited? Prepared? World Championships season is coming up in just a few weeks, and if you’ve done everything right, then right now you should mostly just be feeling tired. Here are my tips & tricks for tapering ahead of a big race like the Spartan World Championship in Tahoe. ... Read more

Rose to Tahoe – Workout #2

Rose is back with workout #2 for anyone who wants to follow along on her road back to Tahoe and the Spartan World Championship. Her tip this week? Be sure to listen to what your body is telling you and backing off occasionally will help in the long-run. ... Read more

Rose to Tahoe – Workout #1

One month ago, Rose and her husband Tim welcomed their lovely daughter, Taylor Joi, into the world (after enduring a 37 hour labor). Now, Rose is on a mission to make it back to race in the Spartan World Championships - just five weeks away! Follow Rose along her journey back as she shares weekly workouts and updates along the way. ... Read more

Tough Mudder X Roundtable

Didn't make it to Tough Mudder X? You're not alone! That's why we sat down with three athletes from our team who were there to hear what they thought about the inaugural event first-hand. Also, a special shout-out to Jim (@GOATtough) for some of the great shots like this one. ... Read more

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