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Everything you do, you do for a purpose. Whether it’s finding a new way to stay active everyday or choosing to eat right one meal at a time, we want to help you live up to your full potential. To push harder, achieve greater, and finish strong in whatever it is that matters most to you. And we’d love to hear your story.
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Coming Back From Injury — Why Rest Days are Vital

For athletes, this is often the most dreaded four-letter word in the dictionary: REST.

As endorphin junkies and sweat addicts, prophylactic days of rest can be harder than our hardest races and training sessions. And, in a culture that encourages “death before DNF” as well as “BEASTMODE” in every workout, taking an off-day has come to be seen as a sign of weakness.

That’s means we often s... Read more

NBJ Award Winner for Science

HumanN named the Nutrition Business Journal award winner for Science because of our investment in the long game with nitric oxide enhancement. ... Read more

Stay Strong from Prepping for Races to Pregnancy

As the 8th of 9 children and the youngest girl, Rose Wetzel learned at a young age how to roll with the punches, be resilient, and truly adapt.

“Life wasn’t perfect, but we could still make it good,” Rose shares, observing that those early lessons have played well into her career as a pro... Read more

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