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Nspirational Stories

Everything you do, you do for a purpose. Whether it’s finding a new way to stay active everyday or choosing to eat right one meal at a time, we want to help you live up to your full potential. To push harder, achieve greater, and finish strong in whatever it is that matters most to you. And we’d love to hear your story.
How are you living to your potential?

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A Life Going Uphill

CJ Hitz has been a long-time HumanN Ambassador in the running community, but he didn’t always have a love of running. His story of how running turned from an afterthought in high-school to a life-changing passion today is truly inspirational.... Read more

5 Days of Heart-Healthy Meals

No more boring meals this week! Get 5 days of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner heart healthy recipes from Mari-Etta Parrish (RD, CSSD, LDN)!... Read more

Can’t Beet It Recovery Juice

This is the perfect juice to make to help with recovery after a long or difficult workout! The beets, Heart Greens, cinnamon, and tart cherry extract all possess natural anti inflammatory agents, and this juice is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. With the addition of Heart Greens, your body gets a healthy dose of chlorophyll which helps to detoxify your body, which is important after a hard workout.... Read more

Super Greens Juice

This juice is loaded with chlorophyll which is alkalizing and detoxifying to your system, and it is loaded with vitamins and minerals so drink up!... Read more

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