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Taste For Life 2019 Essential Supplements Award Winner

BeetElite has been named a 2019 Essential Supplements Award Winner by Taste for Life® in their Sports Performance category.

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Why You Should Care About Your Heart Health (Even When You Feel Healthy).

Excerpt from Full Article:

We hear a lot about “gut health,” and the microbiome, but it turns out we really should be obsessing over “vascular health” and the endothelial cells that line all of our blood vessels, from the arteries that move blood in and out of the heart and lungs, down to the capillaries that keep our skin flush and clear, our fingers from freezing on a chairlift, and our muscles oxygenated during a tough spin class

Quick Summary: Our science advisor, Dr. John Cooke, talks about why it’s so important to care for heart health, even when you are healthy. Dr. Cooke is the Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences at Houston Methodist Research Institute, part of the Texas Medical Center, as well as Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences, and Member of the Academic Institute Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration.

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HumanN named to the Inc. 5000 List for the third straight year

For the third consecutive year, HumanN has garnered Inc. 5000 honors, awarded to the fastest growing private companies in the US!

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Inc.5000 stamp showing HumanN as #1798 in 2016

HumanN named to the Inc. 5000 List for the second straight year

For the second year in a row, HumanN has garnered Inc. 5000 honors, awarded to the fastest growing private companies in the US!

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Glass of superbeets with whole beets, chopped beets, and sliced beets

Trend alert! Why beets are the hot new ‘superfood’

Excerpt from Full Article:

Love them or hate them, beets are earning a second look.

Body builders and endurance athletes are downing juice shots to boost performance. Chefs are stirring purées into antioxidant-rich chocolate desserts for a superfood double-play. Food manufacturers are making snacking healthy with dehydrated beet chips, single-serving, marinated beets and organic juices. And concentrated powders are sold as dietary supplements to boost endurance.

Beets also are being studied as a natural way to battle cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and the sluggishness that can come with age.

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Sports page from Los Angeles Times

The root cause of USC’s basketball success this season just might be … beet juice?

Excerpt from Full Article:

In 2012, Becci Twombley, USC’s director of sports nutrition, started serving the drink to the football team’s offensive linemen. The group’s blood pressure went down. Workouts lasted longer. The rest of the football team started drinking the juice last season, and it spread. USC’s sprinters became adherents. “They won’t run without it,” Twombley said. About an hour before each basketball game, Twombley or strength and conditioning coach Kurtis Shultz mix powdered beet concentrate, from a product called BeetElite, with water. Then they set out four-ounce cups for each player. “A lot of guys said they do really feel a difference,” Shultz said.

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Football players celebrating championship

Auburn’s Secret Sauce: Beet Juice

Excerpt from Full Article:

Beyond the usual explanations for Auburn’s remarkable rise from 3-9 in 2012 to winning the Southeastern Conference last year [2013] is a secret that hadn’t been revealed until now. Over the last two seasons, the Tigers have been experimenting with an elixir-like potion. “We were doing beet juice,” says Auburn dietitian Scott Sehnert….Some beetroot-juice makers are catering to athletes who can’t stand the flavor. Neogenis Sport, an Austin-based company that stocks more than 30 pro and college teams with BeetElite, created a sweeter, black-cherry alternative, said sports nutritionist Tricia Griffin.

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beet elite

Is Beet Juice the New Sports Drinks of Choice?

Excerpt from Full Article:

Members of the Duke swim team used beet juice during the past season and felt as though they were able to push themselves farther for longer during practice, which helped at the end of the season.

“When I take beet juice before practice I don’t necessarily feel an immediate boost of energy, but I feel like I am able to maintain a much higher level of energy throughout the workout,’ said Liza Bragg a rising senior on the Duke swim team.

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