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Sean’s Endurance Greens Story: My Favorite Way to Get My Greens

by: HumanN


For Sean, a journalist and amateur athlete who competes in obstacle course racing, a day can feel like juggling two full-time jobs. And nutrition matters when you need endurance for everything life throws at you.

Watch his video to hear what he thought after using Endurance Greens for a week.


Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, just wrapping up my week long trial of trying HumanN’s new Endurance Greens formula.

Some great product from some very great people. And I want to thank the people at HumanN for giving me the opportunity to try this out and experience it for myself first-hand.

It’s only been a week or so, but I did notice a slight increase in my vo2 max.

I had a very stressful week at work and I stayed pretty calm, so it seems to work. And it tastes great.

In fact the first day I tried it out, I put it in my morning smoothies thinking I’d have to mask the flavor because I hate greens. They’re not supposed to taste so great, right? But what a waste. It actually tastes pretty phenomenal.

So my favorite way is still throwing it in some skyr yogurt…combining the protein…prebiotics, probiotics and greens superfoods…you can’t lose. Throw it in some coconut water, throw it in some almond milk, even in some water…it’s great-tasting stuff.

You know, I think not enough is said about how amateur athletes have a lot on their plate.

And how, maybe sometimes people think that we don’t need as much nutrition support as the professional athletes. I disagree, I think we may need it even more.

Because, we’ve got crazy days…we’ve got family commitments, we’ve got work, we’ve got a lot on our plate everyday. That’s not to say that professional athletes don’t work their butts off…but we have all of our stuff to do outside of our professional careers.

So it takes a lot of energy, it takes a lot of nutrition, it takes a lot of support. And I get that that support, and I have for the last couple of years from HumanN.

And now it seems like I’m going to be getting support from Endurance Greens as well. Check it out, it’s some good stuff.

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