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Pausing to Thank Our Veterans at HumanN

by: HumanN

This Veterans Day, we wanted to take a moment to honor our family members that served in the military. Read the stories of a few of our HumanN heroes below.

Suzanne Morris
Email Production Manager

My maternal grandfather, Melbourne R.F. Doerr, PFC, was stationed in England at the 2nd largest air base from March 1943 to October 1945. He sailed to England on the Queen Mary, and was a member of the 904th Signal Company, working with radio equipment. He and his fellow Signal Corp members often spoke about the planes on the air base, especially their preference for the P47 Thunderbolt, which was more difficult to shoot down than other models.



Ryan Parks
Chief Financial Officer

Here is my paternal grandfather, Lt. William J. Parks under the 16” guns of BB-55, U.S.S. North Carolina, on which he served from 1942-45, from Guadalcanal to Tokyo Bay.


Wanda Holmes
Marketing Database Management

My Dad, Henry Leon Medcalf, served in Italy and North Africa as a Medic in WWII.

He was a small town Texas boy wowed by the history he was surrounded by in Italy.  He talked a lot about visiting Pompeii, and about climbing the stairs in the Vatican, with a Catholic friend, to kiss the ring of the Pope.


Bril Flint
Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer

My father in law, Captain James T Brittingham, was a Marine, serving in the Korean War.

He was a great role model for his men, his fellow officers, and his family.  After the war, he returned to the States and settled in South Carolina, starting his own accounting partnership, helping establish and serving as Chairman of a regional bank, and fathering 4 wonderful children, who went on to provide him 12 grandchildren.   He was always ready to serve and lend a helping hand: to his family, his church, his community, and his country.



Joy Ames
Sr. CRM & Email Manager

My cousins, the three Wilson brothers, have 61 years of combined service. Many of those years have been served out of country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Turkey, Korea, and UAE. Their service has also been here in the US, specifically following hurricanes.

Chief Master Sergeant Chris Wilson (Left in the photo)
Chief Enlisted Manager,
120th Civil Engineer Squadron

Staff Sergeant (Ret) Eric Wilson (Center in the photo)
Firefighter/ Munitions Maintenance
US Army / MT Air National Guard

Lt. Col. Sean R.Wilson (Right in the photo)
Joint Logistics Advisor
Saudi Arabia


Anthony Randle
Director of Sport Retail and Ecommerce Operations, HumanN
Father, Expert Tent Builder

Anthony Randle specialized in multi-agency international operations and earned a Bronze Star and Combat Infantry Badge as an Airborne Ranger during his deployment in Iraq. Anthony left the army as a Captain, but is most proud of becoming a Ranger.

His time in the military help him grow as an individual and to understand the value of the little things in lifelike being able to spend a moment with his younger brother before his deployment and raising his 4-year-old son.

He still works to change lives on a daily basis.

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