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Lisa’s Neo40 Story: Heart Health is Everything

by: HumanN


For Lisa, cardiovascular health means everything. To be able to do things she loves to do like skiing, family vacations, and spending time with the grandchildren.

Watch her video to hear more.


Video Transcript:

When I think of cardiovascular health, I think of being…having that in a good state such that you can go and do, and be the things you want to do.

I love skiing. I want to be able to continue to ski. We’re planning a family vacation to the mountains in August. I want to be able to go on those hikes with my husband and my children and you know, hopefully next year my grandchildren.

And so, you got to be heart-healthy in order to do all of those things.

Honestly, that’s where the whole HumanN product line comes in because I do take my neo40 every morning.

So I’ve been using it a very long time. I do think the benefits of using Neo40 and oxygenating my blood…when I’ve traveled, it just makes a huge difference. I think it’s made a huge healthful difference in my life.

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