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John’s SuperBeets Story: My Secret to Heart-Healthy Energy

by: HumanN


John, who is skeptical of everything, wanted a healthy energy boost that wouldn’t make him feel edgy or irritable. He needed something that could help keep his energy levels up all day long.

Watch his video to hear why even though he’s a meat and potato kind of guy, he still uses SuperBeets.


Video Transcript:

I’m a meat and potato guy. I hate vegetables.

I’ll eat salads, but any kind of cooked broccoli…any kind of green stuff it’s just not for me.

And beets is one of them. I look at beets and I just go “ew yuck”, but I know that I need healthy stuff like that in my body so I placed an order.

And the very first time, I was skeptical. So I just ordered one. And, you know, got one of these, and I tried it and…I was noticing that when I drank coffee and SuperBeets at the same time, it was a little too much. So I’m able to cut back on the coffee and I still have that energy all day long. 

And I know, you know, if you’re like me, I’m skeptical of everything. You hear people talking about how it gives you a boost and I’m thinking about those energy drinks that give you the boost that’s unhealthy and it makes you uncomfortable and kind of edgy and irritable. SuperBeets isn’t like that.

It’s concentrated beets. And I can’t eat beets, but I can drink them.

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