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Team Product Pick: Why Joe Chooses SuperBeets

Which HumanN products do you love?

If you haven’t guessed, we’re pretty enthusiastic about our scientifically-researched products and the healthy lifestyles they help support. Here are a few staff favorites, straight from our headquarters in Austin, Texas!


Joe’s Pick: SuperBeets

Why Joe uses SuperBeets

SuperBeets has helped me stick to a couple of goals I have set for myself. First, I’ve been trying to get healthier by watching what I eat, and second, getting more exercise. I’ve joined a gym, and there are a lot of stairs at work and I’m taking them every day! I take SuperBeets before I work out at the gym and I’ve noticed a difference in my workouts as it’s a big help with stamina. It’s also a nice heart-healthy energy boost in the afternoon which helps me get two birds with one stone as supporting healthy blood pressure levels has been an issue for me so I’ll take all the help I can get!

What he loves about SuperBeets

I love both the original and black cherry flavors, which are pleasant and sweet tasting. I’d say the original flavor is probably my favorite. I also love the quick results I get from taking it. My energy lags a bit in the afternoon at work, and SuperBeets is a quick, reliable pick-me-up that also helps me feel ready to hit the gym.

The one thing he wants you to know about SuperBeets

I’m one of the older members of the HumanN team, with circulatory health becoming increasingly a concern, and SuperBeets provides great circulatory support. And it’s made by HumanN, an amazing team of people whose focus is on changing lives with high quality, natural products.

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