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Jim’s Neo40 Story: My Blood Pressure is Where it Should Be

by: HumanN


For Jim, a husband and father of four kids who travels every other week for work, he just wanted to be in top physical shape for whatever age. An avid long-distance walker who is always on the go, he needed something to help keep things flowing.

Watch his video to hear more about why he’s used Neo40 for years.


Video Transcript:

My name is Jim Turner.

I just want to be in top physical shape for whatever age I am.

I was visiting one of my dealers, one of my clients, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. And he just shared it with me…about the benefits that he felt.

I’m very active in long-distance walking…just helps with circulation and keeps things flowing.

Been about five years now I’ve been taking it. I would say my blood pressure is dead on where it should be. And I really believe that the Neo40 is important in overall heart health and circulation.

So I have one package on my night table, I have another package in my briefcase for when I’m traveling. But I like to keep it fresh, so I’ll rotate it and use it up. So yeah, I always have it somewhere.

When God calls me home, I want it to be like, I’m still in good shape!

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