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HumanN Story: What Cardiovascular Health Means to Hunter Kemper

by: HumanN


For Hunter, having good cardiovascular health is exciting! It allows him to be an active dad, a dad that can be involved in his kids’ lives. From bike rides to cheering from the pool deck, cardiovascular health means a lot to Hunter and his family.

Watch his video to hear more about what cardiovascular health means to him.


Video Transcript:

Ultimately having good cardiovascular health, being healthy, heart healthy enables me to play with my kids.

I have five kids, young kids, from the ages of 12 to 15 months. I’ve got to be an active dad. Right? I want to be involved in their lives. I want to be fit and in shape and feel like I’m not wearing down, I’m not getting tired out throughout the day.

So having good cardiovascular health means, for me, to get up in the morning to work out, early in the morning before the kids gets up, right? To keep that cardiovascular health well, and keep the heart pumping and keep the heart good and keep the blood pressure low.

But it allows me to be an active dad, to be a great dad, to be involved in my kids’ lives. It allows me to go for bike rides on the weekends. It allows me to be a baseball coach for my older sons. It allows me to be a swim parent on the pool deck cheering and going on for bike rides, long bike rides, throughout the weekends. Hiking…I’m here in Colorado Springs, hiking’s a big part of that.

And so being outdoors, we’re at 6,000 feet, so to say active, to be active…you know, how when people always say, “oh if I could bottle up those kids energy” when you see a kid running around and just being very very active…I feel like I want to be like that as a dad and having good cardiovascular health allows me not to get tired throughout the day. And not have to rely on other artificial supplements in order to keep that energy high.

So for me, I’m excited about the fact that I’m in good cardiovascular health. I have good cardiovascular health and I’m in shape and I’m a fit dad and I’m proud of that and I think hopefully you guys will appreciate that as well and all of you will appreciate what it means to have good cardiovascular health and what that means to your family and to your friends and to being active and being healthy.

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