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Eric’s Top Pick: Protein40

Which of our products do you love?

If you haven’t guessed, we’re pretty enthusiastic about our scientifically-researched products and the healthy lifestyles they help support. Here are a few staff favorites, straight from our headquarters in Austin, Texas!

Favorite Product: Protein40

Why Eric uses Protein40

I played linebacker in high school so I’ve tried every protein under the sun. In my playing days, I was focused on using protein to help bulk up and add muscle. Now that I’m a father of two teenage kids and working my way back from a torn meniscus, I am more focused on maintaining my muscle and bone health to help me stay active and keep up with them. So when I heard we were launching Protein40, I was excited to see that it had certain ingredients specifically for adults and not packed with other artificial ingredients that I may have used 20 years ago, but not today.

What he loves about Protein40

I love the way Protein40 tastes. Protein powders have a reputation for tasting awful, so the bar was low before I tried Protein40 the first time. It is easily the best tasting protein product I have ever had! It tastes like a chocolate malt if you mix it with milk, and there are no clumps!

The one thing he wants you to know about Protein40

I think it’s important for people to know what’s in the protein they use, and why. What most people may not know by looking at Protein40 is that it purposefully contains ingredients that adults need as they get older to best support muscle and bone health. Things like exactly 4 grams of leucine to help active protein synthesis because as we get older, we require more of it.

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