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HumanN Story: 15 Travel Essentials with Emmy Robbin

by: HumanN



Emmy Robbin is always on-the-go! Her busy schedule keeps her travel schedule full and has also made her an expert packer! Check out the 15 must have items Emmy makes sure to keep with her on the road.


Video Transcript:

Hey guys! Emmy Robbin here, aka The Hustler, aka the girl with 20 jobs, aka the girl that never slows down. No, but for real my friends have all referred to me by one of those names in my life. I tend to do a lot and I never stop going but I love it. I love everything that I do, I love all of my jobs, so yeah I feel really blessed.

So this weekend I was asked to gig with the cover band that I gig with, i’ve been with him for 12 years. And when we’re on the road, we have to stay in hotels and it gets really draining to play two, three shows in a row because they’re four hour shows and you know, we’re staying in hotels. So a lot of my friends have asked me, ‘well what do you do to sustain all of that energy to keep going with all of these jobs and then when you’re on the road?’ You know, ‘how do you bring everything with you that you possibly could need?’ So I’m going to show you guys 15 items that I have to absolutley have with me on the road and pretty much with me every day in life as I’m going and going and going and going, so let’s get started.

1. First and foremost, is this this is the ConAir round brush blow dryer all-in-one. This is like a 10-minute blowout and it saves my life.

2. Second is going to be my teeth. Love this stuff, C&C whitening Factory, it is charcoal you put on, whitens, and it’s awesome.

3. Dr. Bronner’s, I love this stuff. Every time I go to an all Natural Convention, I tend to grab as many samples of this as I can. It’s amazing, it’s   all natural toothpaste, if you haven’t tried it you should.

4. Dr. Shane Matt here in Austin, Texas. He is amazing and I have TMJ so I can’t go anywhere without this bad boy. This is my TMJ guard, thank you Shane.

5. Gotta take care of those pits. This is lavender rose and it’s Smartypits. This is all natural organic deodorant again, I got this little sample at one of the all natural conventions I went to. I have the large size that I keep here at home but, I bring this bad boy with me on the road.

6. Tula, this is a probiotic face wash that I got in my fabfitfun box, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. So freaking awesome.

7. I’m getting older and getting wrinkles so, my new favorite thing ever is from Ann Web here in Austin, Texas. She has a skin school and a spa and I go and I get my facials there and I love them so much that I purchased this hyaluronic serum. It’s amazing, keeps your skin looking plump and moist, so I keep the stuff.

8. So I have this amazing rose oil that one of my best friends Tina brought me back from Egypt. So I bring that with me and I’m not going to throw it in the bag because it’s too gentle.

9. This is something that I absolutely need with me in hotels everywhere I go. It is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray. I got this in a fabfitfun box a year ago, and I am addicted. I’ve ordered so many bottles of it. It’s amazing and it puts you right to sleep. It smells like lavender.

10. I hate pantyhose, you know, so I got this stuff. It’s Sally Hansen Sheer pantyhose. It’s a spray and you spray it on your legs and it makes them look airbrushed, it’s amazing. So it’s like pantyhose in a can I cannot live without this stuff if I have to be on stage in a dress.

11. SuperBeets with Collagen, again wrinkles, hair, skin, nails ,everything! I love this company, I love their product, I have to take this with me on the road. My band members are always asking me ‘can I do the SuperBeets with you? Can I have a scoop of SuperBeets?’ So I just decided to bring the whole canister with me every time I travel it’s amazing. You guys should try it if you haven’t it tastes delicious.

12. Love this stuff, this is the D3.K2 complex from HumanN as well. And so this stuff is amazing because especially as a woman we need our calcium we need our D3 but this has K2 with it as well. With K2 and D3 mix together are an amazing calcium transport to your body, so I have to have this with me at all times.

13. Turmeric, I love tumeric. How many do I have left… in here,  I only have two left I need to order some more! So HumanN also makes a Turmeric- Curcumin and it is fantastic I only have two left but im feeling pretty good. I just had acupuncture today, so hopefully I won’t need to take both pills in one night so I can have one tomorrow and then one on Saturday, but love this stuff.

14. So being somebody that is always on the go and you know, has so many different things going on, you know that can release some cortisol in your body, some stress, and what not. So I need my greens, I love my greens, I don’t necessarily like the taste of greens and ashwagandha, I love saying that word ashwagandha, ashwagandha, ashwagandha also known as KSM66. Now, this has the actual clinical dose of KSM66 in it. So yeah, it reduces stress levels in your body. It helps you focus, it just makes you feel really alert and amazing but it also gives you energy and stamina. So it’s like it’s amazing it like releases stress and helps you relax, but also gives you this amazing stamina and clarity that you know, you need to go throughout your day. Especially me trying to keep up with all these different things and not only that it’s all these amazing greens in here and it is tropical fruit flavored, so it tastes delicious.

15. And last but certainly not least. This is something new that I’ve added to my routine. There is a company called Solu in Austin and it’s “Now” by Solu and these are “Now” therapy, sound therapy, tone therapy meditation and you turn them on and it sounds like those singing bowls and you just put them right next to you. It’s amazing im gonna do some right now. So that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed, those are the items that I cannot live without on the road or in life just in general.


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