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Danielle’s Go-To Boost: SuperBeets Energy Plus

by: HumanN

Like a lot of us, Danielle Webb doesn’t like the the jittery and uncomfortable feeling some pre-workouts cause. Check out why she chooses to use SuperBeets Energy Plus and how it gives her the extra boost she needs before a workout.


Video Transcript:
“Okay, so I am just about to go work out, but I wanted to share with you guys the smoothie that I’ve been making I usually work out really early in the morning or after work. But either way that’s when I’m feeling sluggish and that’s when I need a little boost.

So the smoothies are super simple they’re just coconut water, vanilla protein powder, spinach, frozen berries and then, I’ve also been adding SuperBeets Energy Plus to my smoothies because before a workout that’s when I need a little boost. Like I said, this SuperBeets Energy Plus, has SuperBeets. It’s made from beets, which is a cardiovascular benefit itself but it also has green tea caffeine in it.

So it gives you a little extra energy. It helps me just give my workout my all, it doesn’t leave me feeling jittery and doesn’t make my heart race like sometimes pre-workouts will. So that’s why I like it because I’ve just never really done well with pre workouts, but this right here does not leave me feeling jittery or uncomfortable and it also has a really good Berry flavor.

I love berry smoothies so it’s perfect because I already make smoothies before my workout now they’re berry smoothies and it gives me the boost that I need. So that’s what I’ve been loving about SuperBeets.”


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