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Collagen Peptides Plus Whey FAQ with Dr. John Ivy

Coach Yancy: Dr. Ivy, what is collagen?

Dr. Ivy: Well collagen is a protein that gives tensile strength to connective tissue, which is found throughout the body. It’s the skin hair nails as part of the digestive tract the vascular system. It makes up about 35% of bone.

It’s essentially the glue that holds the body together.

Coach Yancy: Why should we as humans care about collagen?

Dr. Ivy: Well collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s the major protein connective tissue and we need to sustain the collagen in the body because it has many therapeutic benefits. And when we start losing that collagen it has adverse effects on the body.

  • We start seeing our skin loses its flexibility and hydration.
  • We develop wrinkles with age
  • We start losing bone mass.
  • The cartilage in the joint starts to wear away
  • And we can have digestive problems if we don’t provide maintain the collagen in the digestive tract

Coach Yancy: Now, let’s talk about the best sources of college.

Dr. Ivy: A good collagen supplement is a hydrolyzed, bovine collagen (from cows). Hydrolyzed collagen is a unique form of collagen protein that is easier to digest and break down into peptides or amino acid chains.

This makes the digestion of that protein much easier for the body and it’s assimilated into the circulatory system much more effectively.

Coach Yancy: Who can benefit the most from taking collagen?

Dr. Ivy: As we get older our ability to repair and generate new tissue particularly connective tissue decreases.

Collagen is an extremely important component of connective tissue and not being able to repair or replace that connective tissue can have many adverse effects. So we know that supplementing with collagen as we age helps to increase the repair and replacement of that old collagen and that’s in the body in the college in this being removed.

But you know, we can also think about it from Young athlete young individual particularly athletes who are doing a lot of repetitive motions such as the golf swing or, you know, maybe throwing a javelin wears a lot of. Pressure and stress on a particular joint like the shoulder joint providing college and supplements on a regular basis can help repair that damage and from occurring.

Coach Yancy: What is whey protein?

Dr. Ivy: Whey protein is the protein in milk that the watery portion of milk that’s leftover. During cheese processing and so it’s actually a globular protein made up of a number of proteins and these are all combined together to actually form what we call whey.


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