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Angenette’s Story: How SuperBeets Helped Her Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

by: HumanN


For Angenette, a corporate and commercial attorney, thrilling adventures are a way of life for her and her fellow members of the Dare Divas. From sky diving to NASCAR racing, these ladies have done it all. One of their most recent adventures is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with SuperBeets in tow.

Watch this video to hear why she ditched Diamox and used SuperBeets to fuel her climb.


Video Transcript:

Let me tell you this story.

So, you know as your climbing the air is getting thinner and the oxygen is becoming more and more scarce.

And I discovered in crew that I cannot take Diamox. So I can’t take the drug that kinda helps the circulation and all that because I have this crazy reaction to it.

So I was really worried about it before I left, and for some reason I came across an article that mentioned that beet juice (who knew) improved circulation and you know would help.

And this climber said he used it on the mountain. So I said “you know what my friend told me about SuperBeets i’m just going to take a whole bunch with me.”

So we got to, because did six days up and two days down. So on about day 5 I started to feel the effects of the altitude and I remembered my SuperBeets.

So you know you’ve got the water, you’ve got guys mixing it up for you and all that.

So I would just take two a day. Um the first day actually i’ve got to admit I tried Diamox, I had the reaction and I was like “there’s no way i’m taking these, you know, anymore during the trip.”

So I just relied on it, I had, after the first day where I was getting a little concerned I didn’t have any issues with altitude at all.

It felt, you know I got acclimated very well. And I honestly have to attribute it to that because I wasn’t taking anything else.

So drug free, SuperBeets only, Kilimanjaro!

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