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Andre Crews’ Story: First Time Trying BeetElite

by: HumanN

For Andre, owner of 150 Bay CrossFit and Men’s Health Fittest Trainer, every rep counts. And as a former corporate banker, the proof is in the numbers.

Watch his video for to hear more about the first time he put BeetElite to the test.

And to learn more about Andre and the community he is building at 150 Bay CrossFit, click here.


Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Andre Crews. I am the head coach and owner of 150 CrossFit here in Jersey City. We’ve been open now for 15 ish months.

I know for me I’m kind of like a mathematical finance kind of guy. So I wanted to make sure I was doing an apples-to-apples tests, right? All right. Well if I did this work out, a week ago without BeetElite, I want to see how this workout’s going to make me feel with BeetElite.

So I had actually developed a conditioning workout at that point and it took me like 40 something minutes. And then so I took BeetElite and I think I did it as prescribed like 45 minutes before I had the work out.

As I was going through kind of I was in the middle of a workout and I didn’t really feel I didn’t feel better or worse than I did when I’d done the workout a week before I just noticed that I was getting my splits done a little faster. Every time, just a little bit faster.

So I think the first time I did that work out, let’s say that it took me like 42 minutes. I know that when I did it the second time having used BeetElite I think I chopped off like two or three minutes, and I would I think I got below 40 minutes and maybe like 35 or something like that.

So I guess the feeling is that you are able to do more and not feel worse. You take it and after you kind of start to breathe you start to feel like you’re getting oxygen a little more easily. Like it literally feels like you kind of like, you know, like if you’re an air conditioner or heated house during the winter, then you go outside and you like breathe in cold air it’s kind of like that, you just feel more open in the chest.

So yeah, like during the workout just kind of feel normal, but then you’re just able to do more and then yeah, that was my first time taking it and then I think I’ve repeated that work out since then like every week and I actually got my time down really close to 30 minutes, which is pretty cool.

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