Strength. It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts.

Download this MUST READ guide from renowned protein expert, Dr. John Ivy. Discover 7 fascinating facts about protein, and learn more about how you can use protein to fight muscle loss after 40.

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Get My Guide!

This protein guide by renowned expert, Dr. John Ivy (Google him!) isn’t like anything else you’ll read about protein and aging.

It’s filled with 7 secret facts about why protein is especially important for anyone over 40. You’ll learn why protein timing really matters, the hidden connection between protein and Nitric Oxide, and how much protein you should be getting every day (hint: it’s definitely not what you think!).

Protein40 is formulated with precisely the right amounts and types of protein with added minerals to help you maintain muscle & bone health as you approach 40 – and beyond.

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