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Protein40 is formulated with precisely the right amounts – and types – of protein with added minerals to help you maintain muscle & bone health as you approach 40 and beyond.

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Even if you’re active,
you might be losing muscle.

Without protein,
your bones lose their basic structure.

Fight Muscle Loss.

Starting at age 35, you begin to lose 3-4% of muscle mass per decade.

Muscle loss continues to increase and accelerate to ~6% per decade by the age of 50. By age 70, muscle loss accelerates yet again to ~15% per decade. This turns out to be an alarming trend, because muscle plays a central role in creating a primary reservoir for amino acids your body continually draws on for the health of vital tissues and organs.

If you’re not getting enough protein, the entire structural framework of your body may be compromised! Unfortunately, the dire effects of age-related Sarcopenia (loss of muscle) could take years to surface.

Getting the right proteins every day helps you stay strong decade after decade.

Fight Muscle Loss.

Support Strong Bones.

Your protein needs DOUBLE after 40 to support healthy muscle and bone.

Bone is a complex living tissue that is made mostly of calcium and collagen, a protein that is woven into a flexible framework. This combination of calcium AND protein gives bone its strength and flexibility. To help maintain healthy bones, you need to get a consistent supply of essential amino acids required to synthesize new structural bone proteins.

The challenge lies in the fact that after age 40, you need twice the amount of daily protein to support muscle & bone health, yet your ability to synthesize protein begins to drop at the same time.

Support Strong Bones.

Perfectly Timed Proteins.

Your body needs 24-hours worth of protein.

Eating adequate protein at the right times throughout the day gives your body the amino acids it needs, which can slow age-related cellular breakdown. In order to boost protein synthesis, you must evenly space out your protein consumption throughout the day — and night! — to have the greatest impact on the development of muscle, bone, and other tissues in the body.

When you don’t get enough protein to maintain healthy muscles, you’re putting your body’s entire recovery process at risk, especially if you were to suffer an unexpected illness or injury.

Perfectly Timed Proteins.

Protein is for more than working out
— protein is for life.

Protein40 is formulated for
precisely what your body needs after 40.

Feel Full with Less Cravings

I love the fact that there’s a longer sustained satisfaction. It wasn’t so temporary. Protein40 is a choice you can rely on — it did the trick for a longer period of time. I felt less cravings, less of a need to find other things to fill myself. Dr. Ivy succeeded wildly on designing a solution with fast- and slow-digesting proteins.


Stronger & More Energy

With Protein40, I feel generally stronger, whereas I notice when I don’t get enough protein, I can feel physically tired, even when I haven’t really done anything. Protein40 fills in that gap, so that I feel like I have more energy overall.

Bob S.

Tastes Great & GI Friendly

Sometimes you expect things that are really good for you but taste bad. However, this protein powder is a treat! It leaves no chalky aftertaste like most protein powders (which I can attest to being the norm considering my line of work) and is very GI friendly.

Mari-Etta Parrish, RD, CSSD, LDN

Noticeable Strength Improvement

I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall strength since I’ve made Protein40 a part of my daily exercise routine. I could go longer and work harder at what I was doing, which was very noticeable to me, because it was getting difficult for me for awhile being a part-time chef with very early and long hours.

Bob A.

Protein40 was created by renowned protein expert
& bestselling author, Dr. John Ivy.

After decades of research, I wanted to create a nutritionally sound product unlike anything
else out there that actually
does what it says it will.

Experience the Protein40 Difference


20g Protein

Whey Protein Isolate
Rapidly digested to instantly stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Calcium Caseinate
Readily absorbable calcium for bone health.

Micellar Casein
Major activator of protein synthesis to stimulate tissue growth & repair.


4g Leucine

Major activator of protein synthesis to stimulate tissue growth & repair.

50% Daily Magnesium

100% Daily Vitamin D

30% Daily Calcium

Low Glycemic Index


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Explore the Nutrient Guide

Learn why we purposefully chose the ingredients in Protein40 to set it apart from other solutions available today for daily muscle & bone health as you age.

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Strength Starts Within

Dr. John Ivy shares everything he knows about protein in his latest book – Strength Starts Within: An Essential Protein Guide for Anyone Over 40.


A single serving of Protein40 delivers:

– 20g of 3 premium protein

– 4g of leucine (BCAA)

– 7 hours of muscle & bone support

– 30% of your daily calcium needs

– 50% of your daily magnesium needs

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