SuperBeets® Energy Plus

4.7/5 stars 14 reviews

SuperBeets® Energy Plus infused with green tea balances energy & focus from green tea extract with the cardiovascular health benefits of premium beets grown in the U.S in a great-tasting natural berry flavor.

  • Promotes mental focus:
    80 mg. of plant-based caffeine from green tea extract helps you keep your focus when you need it most.
  • Helps promote improved natural energy & stamina:
    2-in-1 superfood combo of beets and green tea helps promote a smooth, heart-healthy energy boost.
  • Helps support a healthy cardiovascular system:
    Non-GMO beets grown in the U.S. are still the star and our #1 ingredient.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperBeets Energy Plus?

For those looking for a more powerful energy boost and help to promote mental focus, SuperBeets Energy Plus includes caffeine from green tea extract. This plant-based caffeine source helps promote mental focus and energy, in addition to supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.

How is SuperBeets Energy Plus different from the SuperBeets I am currently taking i.e. SuperBeets Original or SuperBeets Black Cherry?

Great question! SuperBeets Energy Plus still features high quality non-GMO beets grown here in the U.S. to help support a healthy cardiovascular system.
What’s different or new?
• It comes in a new flavor – natural berry flavor
• It contains a plant-based source of caffeine from green tea extract to help promote mental focus and more energy.

What additional ingredients are in SuperBeets Energy Plus?

Well, SuperBeets Energy Plus is the only SuperBeets product that contains plant based caffeine. And that caffeine comes from a plant-based source, green tea extract.

I currently use the original SuperBeets (Original Flavor, Black Cherry Flavor) and it already makes me feel energized/jittery. What will this do to me?

If you’re currently happy with the energy you get from original SuperBeets, than we recommend that you stay with that product. SuperBeets Energy Plus does contain 80 mg of plant-based caffeine from green tea extract so it’s likely you may “feel” SuperBeets Energy Plus like you would feel a regular cup of coffee.

How much caffeine is in SuperBeets Energy Plus?

There is 80 mg. of caffeine per serving.

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about SuperBeets® Energy Plus. Leave a review to share your own feedback.

14 reviews for SuperBeets® Energy Plus

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love love this product but only complaint is it starts to dry up after so long and gets lumps and the product still has six months before expires!
    I even tried to put the canister ina baggie
    I keep my super Beats in the house and it’s always cool never gets hot or humid in the home
    Help with this problem?

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I tried Superbeets on a whim,I was looking for something that my multi-vitamins could not do.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how well Superbeets worked from the beginning.
    I mix up a six (6) oz. glass just before work and I am energized and focused for the next eight hours.I could...Read more actually premix a 6 oz. shot to take to work however, I have only been taking the one shot before work and it seems to be doing me just fine.
    Folks,,I’m telling you, You will never go wrong when it comes to Superbeets.!.
    Do yourself and your family a great service, and get an order of Superbeets.

    Eugene W.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I'm a truck driver and I work 8 to 12 hours night shift. I used to got true 2 Monster and even A large coffee cup .I started taking SuperBeets and now I go whit out a single Monster or coffee driks.Now I got 5 of my code company drivers on it to . Thanks to Cost to Cost AM. I would like to be a spokesperson...Read more in the Spanish Speaking Media so I can introduce it to my Spanish people.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love the feeling I get from having mental clarity and energy throughout my work day. I need the energy to get through my days at work, and to enjoy my time off. I like natural energy instead of artificial ingredients. I will only buy SuperBeets Energy Plus for now, and maybe might start buying both.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    I like the taste and it does give me an energy boost when I get home from work.

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