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[VIDEO] Collagen Benefits Part 3: Hair, Skin, and Nails


Coach Yancy: Let’s talk hair, skin and nails benefits when we supplement with collagen.

Dr. Ivy: Well hair, skin and nails are forms of connective tissue and a large percentage of that connective tissue is collagen in these three tissues.

We look at a number of beauty products creams and hair gels and so forth that supposedly have benefits for skin and hair and so forth.

These are external when you put those on. They can’t become collagen; you can’t rub college and into your skin and it actually becomes part of the skin. So it may have some benefits with hydration and things like that, but it’s not developing new collagen. It’s not supporting that and plus you can’t put that all over your whole body.

I think the best way to help with skin health and care is internally and you can do that by taking in a collagen supplement.

So the appropriate collagen supplement taken on a regular basis will actually help develop new collagen in the skin, in the hair, and it will help with the hydration.

It will also increase another protein called elastin which gives skin its flexibility and somewhat strength and it’s been shown to be very beneficial and can increase flexibility and smoothness and softness of the skin, increasing its hydration and also because of the increase in hydration reducing the depth of wrinkles.

In the face has been seen so it’s actually more efficient are as least very appropriate to consider taking something internally to help the skin and not just facial skin, but the whole body versus just taking creams. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the creams but another better source and another good source of skin health and hair health would be taking a collagen supplement.

Coach Yancy: So are you telling me that a really good quality hydrolyzed collagen peptide protein taken in the right amount and dosage. Could we possibly be talking about the fountain of youth?

Dr. Ivy: Well, it’ll make you look better! So it may help reduce the aging process of the skin. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

So a hydrolyzed collagen supplement can be very beneficial for skin health and also hair make it shinier and stronger.

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