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[VIDEO] Collagen Benefits Part 2: Digestive Health

Coach Yancy: John are there any gut health benefits when we supplement with collagen?

Dr. Ivy: When we have damage to the guide or leaky gut syndrome this can cause a number of problems. We look at the cells that come together in the surface of the gut and their junctions and if they if there’s damage or they start coming apart we develop this leaky gut syndrome.

What that does is it allows toxins, chemicals, undigested foods and so forth to seep into the circulatory system that we don’t want there and gut loses its control over what’s actually absorbed into the circulatory system

This can cause inflammation, oxidative stress and different types of diseases.  We can feel awful bad from leaky gut syndrome.

A collagen supplement helps to bring those tight junctions back together again and prevent this leaky gut syndrome from occurring.

Collagen supplementation also helps control digestive enzymes so that we don’t overproduce digestive enzymes and it regulates that.

it also is a great source of glutamine, which is an important fuel for the gut cells, but it also is a significant fuel for the immune system.

So there are a number of actually digestive benefits from consuming collagen on a regular basis.

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