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[Video] Collagen Benefits Part 1: Joint Health

Coach Yancy: Are there any joint health benefits when we supplement with collagen?

Dr. Ivy: Actually, there have been a number of studies that suggest there are joint health benefits.  And we think about the joint, you know, as where bones come together. In the joint we have cartilage that’s like a form of connective tissue that separates the bones and provides padding in the joint.

We also have ligaments which is a form of connective tissue that holds the joints together. As we age and these ligaments and the cartilage tend to wear away this can cause bone on bone interactions and cause inflammation and osteoarthritis forming can be very painful loss of flexibility and mobility because of that.

It’s been shown that if we take in collegen supplements on a regular basis that this can actually reduce that pain and inflammation in the joints and actually start to repair.

The cartilage that separates the bones in the joints and also strengthen those ligaments.

Coach Yancy: Dr. Ivy, are there any bone health benefits when we supplement with collagen?

Dr. Ivy: So a collagen supplement can be very important for bone health about 35% of bone is actually protein and the majority of that protein is collagen. Collagen forms the bone matrix, our structure of the bone that holds minerals and gives the bone its rigidity. As we age we tend to lose that collagen matrix and starts to reabsorb and this causes demineralization and a weakening of the bone.

So by providing a collagen supplement, we actually increase or start to repair or improve the collagen matrix again. We can actually stimulate bone growth, so a collagen supplement can be very important.

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