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The Science of Nitric Oxide

By: HumanN Editorial Team

Learn more about the science of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide was dubbed “the miracle molecule” for its effects on cardiovascular health, yet many still don’t know just how important Nitric Oxide is for living a healthy lifestyle.For more information on Nitric Oxide, click here.


The discovery of Nitric Oxide actually answered a number of questions as to how the body turned on and off certain processes. Every health aspect, every process in the body is regulated or Nitric Oxide modulates to some degree. Nitric Oxide supports healthy blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and dilating arteries, therefore increasing blood flow. The Nobel Prize was awarded in 1998 to three researchers in the United States that had determined that Nitric Oxide was regulating blood pressure levels. You don’t give Nobel Prizes unless something is monumental. I don’t know of any other compound in the body that has such far ranging effects in the body. Most people don’t realize all the things that Nitric Oxide actually does. We talk about it mainly from the cardiovascular aspects, but it affects every system in the body, whether it’s digestive system, the skeletal system, cognitive function. It has regulatory or modulating effects on all these systems throughout the body.

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