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SuperGrapes Hits Newswires!

by: HumanN


Exciting news out of HumanN today as news of our newest product, SuperGrapes Chews , hit the newswire . You can read our official press release below.


AUSTIN, Texas — HumanN, an industry leader in science-backed functional foods and nutritional products for cardiovascular health, announced today the launch of SuperGrapes Chews, the first and only grape chew for blood pressure and energy support. In a 119-person double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, when taken as part of a healthy lifestyle, 150mg of grape seed extract was shown to be nearly two times as effective at supporting normal blood pressure as a healthy lifestyle alone.

SuperGrapes Chews feature a unique grape seed extract sourced exclusively from premium white grapes grown and harvested on chateau vineyards in the world-renowned French Loire Valley. From the premium French grapes used, to the harvesting methods, and the careful extraction technique, the expertise that goes into making this novel grape seed extract makes SuperGrapes Chews superior to many other grape seed extracts available today. The chewable formula makes it an ideal on-the-go addition to any health regimen.

Dr. John Ivy, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on exercise performance and chairman of HumanN’s Science Advisory Board, stated: “SuperGrapes Chews are a breakthrough in dual-acting blood pressure and energy support. Two chews a day will help deliver the support you need to promote normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle, help protect against oxidative stress and damage, and promote energy. All of HumanN’s products, including SuperGrapes Chews, are founded on science, and we are excited to bring another nutritional product into the marketplace for blood flow and energy support.”

HumanN founder and CEO, Joel Kocher, added: “The demands of daily life challenge even the most disciplined of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet, and it is easy to fall short. The addition of SuperGrapes to HumanN’s line of nutritional products builds on our mission to support healthy cardiovascular systems that help people live to their potential, no matter their goals.”

Grape seeds contain some of the highest concentrations of polyphenols of any fruit. Polyphenols are naturally-occurring antioxidants that support cardiovascular health and wellness. SuperGrapes Chews are gluten free, vegan friendly, and free of preservatives, synthetic colors and artificial sweeteners.

The launch of SuperGrapes follows the success of the HumanN’s best-selling SuperBeets. HumanN is grounded on the premise that a healthy cardiovascular system is the foundation for a healthy life. HumanN’s products are used by over 1,500 medical professionals, more than 120 collegiate and professional teams, and world-class athletes as well as more than a million individuals who want to feel better, be better and live better. HumanN has sponsored many clinical trials on its products at institutions such as the Hypertension Institute, the University of Iowa and the California Medical Institute, and the research has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. HumanN has worldwide exclusivity on 10 U.S. patents for its products and three international patents.


SuperGrapes Chews are available at

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