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Red Velvet Pancakes Featuring BeetElite

by: HumanN

This Red Velvet pancake recipe featuring BeetElite by Chef. Mario LimaDuran is as tasty as it is nutritious! Check it out down below.



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Video Transcript:

It’s just breakfast for tomorrow. We’re gonna cook breakfast and lunch for everybody. These are about 20 grams of carbohydrates per serving, but, um, we combine them with this powder.

So this is pretty much beet root powder. Uh, they’re super concentrated. We combine them with a pancake mix, water, BeetElite, just make red velvet pancakes, super delicious, kind of sweet. And it provides not only the nitrates, which helps with the endurance in the octagon on fight day, but it also provides Carbohydrates.

So again, we’re replenishing all the glycogen that was lost during fight week, and then we are going to do a sort of pad Thai coconut chicken Curry, teriyaki, I don’t know, a very sweet site, high carbohydrate, modern protein, low in fat diet across the board. Throw in a little bit of broccoli too. So there’s a green in contrast.

You know, a long time I heard a quote that said that you can tell people that you’re good, but people will tell you that you’re great. So I’ll let people tell me whether I’m good or great.


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