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Monitoring Your Nitric Oxide Levels

By: The HumanN Editorial Team 


As you age, your Nitric Oxide levels begin to decline. The problem is you may not know it’s happening. But there is a way to monitor your Nitric Oxide levels. Find out more information on Nitric Oxide, click here.



As we get older, we actually don’t produce as much Nitric Oxide. So by the age of 40, we produce 50% less than we produced when we were 20. There are not any real good indicators of whether you’re low in Nitric Oxide. However, there is a very simple process that you can get a good indication of how much Nitric Oxide you’re generating, and that is by a strip. The strips are developed by HumanN, and it’s a very simple test to determine whether you’re Nitric Oxide deficient. If you do feel tired, fatigued and so forth, you might want to check your Nitric Oxide levels because if you do get them up, taking a product that generates Nitric Oxide can actually be beneficial and give you that lift that you need to get through the day.

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