Nutrients from Food

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SuperBeets® is N-O nutrition, harnessing the power of the highest quality, concentrated beet crystals. Backed by scientific research to both maintain the nutrient integrity of our ingredients and to help maximize the effects of those nutrients in the body, this circulation functional food activates N-O production to support cardiovascular health and increased energy.

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Now certified USDA organic with all-new alkalizing greens and super fruits to help support heart health, great-tasting HeartGreens in green apple flavor is the daily nutrition you need in just one scoop a day.

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The foundation to better health is N-O

Food as nourishment

We often hear about the benefits of eating right. But what we don’t hear is that not every food delivers the benefit intended. That can be due to the way we prepare food. Or because our body’s ability to reap those benefits is compromised due to poor diet, stress, fatigue or age.

Food as an N-O activator

Rather than simply eating right for general wellness, we should be eating with a purpose—for specific effects in the body. At HumanN, we concentrate on utilizing functional foods specifically for Nitric Oxide production. After all, N-O is the foundation of our health, critical for cardiovascular wellbeing.

Food as a science

Through years of scientific research and study, we’ve developed a line of functional foods, including SuperBeets, created from superfoods rich in dietary nitrates and other essential nutrients specifically to activate Nitric Oxide production in the body. In fact, we take extraordinary efforts to ensure our functional foods do just that—HumanN is the only company that continually tests its products to ensure they’re providing optimal nutrition to support N-O production.


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