When It Comes to Your Heart,
Not All Greens Are Created Equal.

Our latest guide highlights one of the most overlooked reasons why the DASH and Mediterranean diet have been shown to support heart health.

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Find out why just “eating your vegetables” may not be enough. While we can all agree that modern food experts, nutritionists, and dietary guidelines confirm the need for 5-6 servings of vegetables — you may have been missing one important reason why CERTAIN greens are better for you, and more specifically your heart. Recent scientific studies suggest that the reason certain greens are better for your heart is because they provide the human body with Nitrate and Nitrite. Download our guide today to learn more and take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Feed your heart with heartgreens.

A single serving of HeartGreens provides the dietary nitrate equivalent of 5 servings of veggies.



Find out why:

  • Not all greens are created equal when it comes to your heart
  • Only certain vegetables have heart healthy effects
  • Nitrate from greens play a critical role in supporting cardiovascular health

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When It Comes to Your Heart, Not All Greens Are Created Equal