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How to Do More This Week

Greens with a Purpose

We love any opportunity to work with great people like Lexi & Beth (a mother & daughter duo you can find on Instagram @SuperFoodRunner) or Maria Koutsogiannis (a fitness/food enthusiast who creates her own recipes on her blog at FoodByMaria). They’ve each created their own heart-healthy recipes inspired by their love of HeartGreens that we’ve curated just for you on our own blog, Nspiration.

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I have always been an active person – daily exercise has been a priority for me since elementary school. The past few years I have become very conscientious about incorporating healthy fats in my diet, such as avocados, walnuts, and olive oil, while opting out of fried foods and other low-nutrient options. This year I will be looking to do more of the same!

Foot problems had pretty much eliminated my life long passion for running. This year, I found a new inspiration with little impact to my feet, paddle boarding! In December, I met my first goal of paddling over 11 miles on Lake Travis. This year I have set a new goal to paddle from Lakeway to Spicewood. I feel great, and my blood pressure and weight have been positively impacted. Life is good when you have personal goals to achieve!

This year I am focused on eating 2-3 servings of vegetables and 1-2 servings of fruit every day. Since I’ve started doing this, I find I don’t crave sweets or junk food. I’m also trying to take a 5-10 minute walk after each meal. It’s invigorating and helps with digestion!

As I approach my 57th birthday I am more mindful of my food choices. I have started making a smoothie packed with greens. To make them tasty I add a tbsp of almond butter, a tbsp of organic coconut oil, an orange, a small apple and a little ginger root. My liquid is water and coconut milk. Within 20 minutes of drinking this I have more energy and focus.

STUDY: Neo40 Clinical Trial Reveals Blood Pressure Impact

World-renowned physician Ernst R. Schwarz, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI, Medical Director of the Cardiac Support Program and Co-Director of Cardiac Transplantation at Cedars-Sinai recently led a research study on Neo40 to determine the effects of oral nitric oxide (N-O) supplementation on blood pressure that is in the higher end but still within the acceptable range of normal. Dr. Schwarz, who specializes in cardiac transplantation, saw the need to help these individuals promote normal blood pressure.

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FREE GUIDE: Which Greens Are Actually Good For Me?

When it comes to your heart, not all greens are created equal. In this free guide, you’ll find out why just “eating your vegetables” may not be enough. Modern food experts, nutritionists, and dietary guidelines all confirm the need for 5-6 servings of vegetables, but you may not know 1 big reason why CERTAIN greens are better for you — and for your heart. Do more for your heart by taking another step towards a healthier lifestyle today.

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More heart healthy tips & resources for you

MEAL PLAN: 5 days of heart-healthy meals

We partnered with Registered Dietitian and nutrition expert Mari-Etta Parrish to create 5-days of heart healthy meals to get you through your busy work week ahead! We know how tough it can be to make smart food choices on-the-go, so these breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plans are designed especially for you.

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ARTICLE: Have you tried the DASH Diet?

Recently ranked #1 in Best Heart-Healthy Diets by U.S. News, the DASH Diet is widely regarded to help support heart health and healthy blood pressure. It’s rich in fruits, vegetables (especially green leafy ones like kale or spinach), fat-free/low-fat milk & milk products, whole grains, fish, poultry, beans, seeds, and nuts.

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Lauren Ho and Brittani Lum (co-founders of FIT Happy Hour) believe that community can shape fitness. Check out what they’ve learned over the past 3.5 years and get their first workout to try for yourself — anyone can do it!

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ARTICLE: Grape Seeds & Heart Health

Did you know that one of the healthiest parts of a grape – the seed – is often discarded? Grape seeds and grape seed extract have been the focus of many research studies for their various health benefits, which range from supporting healthy blood pressure levels to providing antioxidant protection to supporting overall cardiovascular health.

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