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The Bear’s Secret to Winning

The Bear Enters the 2016 Spartan Season

“The secret to winning. You don’t do this and you probably won’t want to do this.” – BeetElite Athlete Matt Novakovich

Spartan Master’s Champion, Yancy Camp Coach & Reebok Sponsored “Fittest Man Over 40”, breaks down his way to build the base of success.

“If you want to be good, it’s the time doing the things that no one else wants to do, that no books are written about, that no one can coach, that no one can sell a training book for, it’s the volume. “

After receiving countless messages about what it takes to conquer a Trifecta or compete with the Elites, Matt talks through the “boring” workout that makes the most difference. Video below:

The Bear’s Two Week Challenge:
12 days of 15% incline @ 3.5-4 MPH at an endurance pace for a minimum of 75 minutes a day.



Matt Novakovich, Roofer & Pro Athlete

There isn't much this Alaskan doesn't do. Roofer by day, professional athlete by weekend and a dedicated father of four always, Matt believes that we are each responsible for the outcome of our lives and happiness. And he definitely walks the talk. At the age of 42, he has achieved a lot, including 2015 Spartan Elite Team World Champion, holding world mountain records on six separate mountains, and raising four children.

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