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Rose to Tahoe – Workout #2

This is workout #2 in our “Rose to Tahoe” series. Rose is on a mission to make it back to race in the Spartan World Championships after her first baby! Follow Rose along her journey back with us here, and with her on Instagram @RunningRosie

My brain is a little fried these days from feeding my darling newborn all night, but as I work my way back to Worlds, the main thought running through my head while doing this workout was how weird it feels to have no core strength after childbirth, and then have to build it back up from ground zero! I have a one-finger ab separation (called diastis recti), which is normal, and which means before I start working my abs as I normally would in the past, I must first work to bring them back together. I’m learning to be patient and diligent with my workouts; I’m very motivated, but I don’t want to overdo anything and get injured! Anyone who’s been injured or had a baby can be anxious to “make up for lost time,” but we’re better off focusing on consistent progress, listening to our bodies, and backing off occasionally, if needed, trusting that our bodies will heal and that, with the mental toughness injury and/or childbirth can bring, we may very well perform better than ever!


Round 1 (and repeat)

  • 15% incline on the treadmill x 4min at aerobic (zone 3) effort.
  • 15% x 2min at tempo effort (a little faster than aerobic effort but under threshold effort).
  • Bent rows x 20 (10 each arm).
  • Pull-up x 1 to hand position change x 20 to pull-up x 1 to bar hang x 30sec.
  • 15% w/sandbell, sandbag, or heavy med ball carry x 4min at aerobic effort.
  • 15% w/sandbell, sandbag, or heavy med ball carry x 2min at tempo effort.
  • This completes 1 round. Continue repeating for a total of 5 rounds.

Coaching Tips from Yancy

  1. Pull-ups can be modified with assisted pull-ups or machine lat pulldowns.
  2. If needed, you can scale down the number of rounds.
  3. Aerobic (zone 3) effort is going to be appx. 70-80% of max heart.

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Author Rose Wetzel

Rose Wetzel, OCR, Track & Field Champion, & Thai-food Lover

Rose is a goofy, optimistic weirdo at heart, who loves all things wacky, eccentric and artistic in this world. If you put all of her professional accomplishments aside (2x American Ninja Warrior finalist, pro obstacle course racer, 9x USATF (Track) Club National Champ Coach), her proudest accomplishment is graduating from Georgetown University with academic honors. Oh, and having Baby Taylor.

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