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Rose to Tahoe – Workout #1

One month ago, Rose and her husband Tim welcomed their lovely daughter, Taylor Joi, into the world (after enduring a 37 hour labor). Now, Rose is on a mission to make it back to race in the Spartan World Championships – just five weeks away on September 30, 2017. Follow Rose along her journey back here with us and with her on Instagram @RunningRosie

The first thing I want to make sure people know is that this is not something everyone should do first thing after having a baby. I feel that it’s important for people to know that I am a professional athlete and that I didn’t just start working out without any past experience, fitness, or training objectives in mind. First and foremost, it’s about people finding the right training regimen for them.

I do believe that everyone should have goals in life, especially to help stay motivated during times when it may be really hard to get up and get at it. One of the biggest sources of motivation I have is my coach, Yancy Culp.

I do feel that my labor experience gave me a mental edge I plan to take to my future races, starting with the first one on my goal list – the Spartan World Championships.

Rose on her new mental edge

I’ve worked with Yancy for over a year now, and he has diligently worked hand-in-hand with me to put together a tailored training program to land me top three in the Spartan U.S. Championship series last year. Our next goal is to get me ready for the race the Spartan World Championship as well as I can be in the 5-6 weeks post-birth that we have to work with. We’re modifying running with a lot of time brisk walking at an incline on the treadmill. Working at an incline allows me to work my aerobic capacity in a low-impact way while I ease myself back into running. Plus, the race will be on a mountain so continuous incline treadmill work will help prepare my legs for climbing

During pregnancy Rose was able to run right up before giving birth so a lot of our modifications were simply slowing the pace down and modifying a few exercises as we go close to due date. Now we’re in a period of for appx 5-6 weeks post giving birth where we’re modifying running with a lot of time brisk walking at incline on the treadmill. Being at incline allows us to work up in to the aerobic training zone and higher without running.

Yancy on coaching Rose pre and post pregnancy

I now have the green light to work out again postpartum! I’ve been eager to get back after it and prepare for Tahoe. Most of my time and energy these days is consumed by my cute, yet needy new “boss” Taylor. This means that Yancy and I needed to build a workout program that was as effective as possible. Many of the workouts you’ll see over the next few weeks will involve strength training exercises built into the cardio portion, or like the workout below, with strength training quickly following the cardio portion.

Rose to Tahoe – Workout #1

Phase 1

While you do the below, I am not quite back to full running yet, so I’ll be doing this one at 30-40% incline.

  • Treadmill
    • 2 min at aerobic (zone 3) effort
    • 1 min above threshold
    • Continue repeating for a total of 30 min
    • *It may take you 1 or 2 2min/1min rounds to figure out where you should be, but make sure you document (write them down or save them in your phone) the mph you settle in to and use for the 2 min & 1 min sections.
    • *If you wear a HR monitor, I also want you to document your average HR for this 30min effort.

Phase 2

Again, I’ll be doing this one right now at 30-40% incline.

  • Start within 1min after finishing phase 1
  • 15% incline on the treadmill x 15min at tempo effort.

Phase 3

  • One arm dumbbell snatch x 10 (5 each side – switching hands each rep)
  • Burpees x 10 (I will be modifying with weighted lunges)
  • Pull-ups, assisted pull-ups, or lat pulldowns x 10
  • After last pull-up – bar hang x 30sec
  • This completes 1 round of Phase 3
  • Continue repeating but drop reps down to 9/8/7/6/5/4 for remaining 6 sets

Coaching Tips from Yancy

  1. Don’t forget that everything can be scaled down if necessary.
  2. Aerobic (zone 3) effort is appx 70-80% of max HR – comfortable but brisk
  3. Threshold is an effort that is above your comfort zone
  4. Tempo effort is in between aerobic in threshold – on the verge of being uncomfortable.
  5. BONUS WORKOUT: Complete Phase 1 at 15% incline.  Other than doing it at 15% vs flat, you’ll do everything else the exact same.  Make sure you document your 2 min & 1 min mph and your average HR for the effort.

For a chance to view and join in on my other main workouts each week, click here to follow Rose’s workouts and get one month free of Yancy Camp Training.

Author Rose Wetzel

Rose Wetzel, OCR, Track & Field Champion, & Thai-food Lover

Rose is a goofy, optimistic weirdo at heart, who loves all things wacky, eccentric and artistic in this world. If you put all of her professional accomplishments aside (2x American Ninja Warrior finalist, pro obstacle course racer, 9x USATF (Track) Club National Champ Coach), her proudest accomplishment is graduating from Georgetown University with academic honors. Oh, and having Baby Taylor.

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