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Introducing: HumanN + FIT Happy Hour

by: Lauren Ho

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Lauren Ho and Brittani Lum (co-founders of FIT Happy Hour) are 3.5 years into their idea of how community can shape fitness. FIT Happy Hour will be providing a workout of the week for the HumanN community. Read below as Lauren recaps the first ever #FITHappyHour and the workout for this week! 

We are excited to team up with a company that believes in changing lives, to build upon the foundation that you are given, and to support people to tap into their hidden potential. 

The inspiration for FIT Happy Hour

FIT Happy Hour started out as an idea from two women. The first happened to be my mom and the second, my mom’s best friend. Brittani and I were involved in the fitness community, and these two women were not. They were active, yet unmotivated. Sure, they could have joined a gym or hired a personal trainer, but like most are either too embarrassed, intimidated, or just did not know where to start. So the thought became: maybe we could start a small fitness class.

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We wanted this class to be a safe environment, especially for those that lacked confidence in their fitness capabilities.  A place to share knowledge about health and fitness.  A place to build relationships; to meet strangers and turn them into friends. A place to escape the stressors of everyday life.  And a place to work together towards a common goal with people who care about each other. That goal ended up being: to increase functional fitness/awareness and improve overall quality of life.

Providing them with a workout plan and hoping for the best was not an option. They were willing to show up to a class but completing bi-weekly or even weekly workouts on their own was just not going to happen. So, how could we get them to commit to working out?

That initial class was mediocre at best. They struggled with the movements, and I wasn’t fully prepared to provide suitable substitutions and make accommodations on the fly. However, this struggle on the first day became this opportunity, since I felt wildly underprepared and they felt like they had a ways to go.

What we’ve learned since our first class

Fast forward three and a half years and FIT Happy Hour is thriving. We have a number of the original participants from that first day, and the group has remained consistent and supportive both on an individual basis and for the group as a whole.

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We never imagined that the first workout of 5 push ups, 10 air squats, and 15 sit ups would result in what FIT Happy Hour is today. The major lessons three plus years later include:

  1. Fitness is for everyone. We can support individuals to become athletes who would never think to describe themselves as such, or as fit, active, healthy, strong, motivated, inspirational, etc.! Our programming for FIT Happy Hour is based on the assumption that we can scale and adjust to any person’s threshold of success. We can scale anything up: go faster, heavier, etc., and we can, at the same time, scale any movement for a person who is on day one.
  2. The secret ingredient for our FIT Happy Hour group is community. It’s not about the coaches. It’s not about the workout. It’s about the individual and their relationship with the group. We have tried gimmicks like incentives and competitions, but at the end of the day, it’s about community and rapport, so if the purpose does not benefit the group, it’s not worth it!

So, let’s start this off with our first workout. This is a fundamental workout similar to the first ever FIT Happy Hour class. The workout will be written for all levels of fitness. Base is the middle ground, Starter is for those still getting the hang of it and Progression is for those who want to take it to the next level. Hopefully we can look back years from now and see how far we’ve all come:

HumanN x FIT Happy Hour – Workout #1

3 rounds of the below workout. We suggest timing yourself to test progress at a later time! 

  • Base: 200m run 
    • Starter: walk
  • Base: 10 air squats
    • Progression: jumping squats
    • Starter: quarter squats
  • Base: 10 push-ups
    • Progression: diamond push-ups
    • Starter: kneeling push-ups
  • Base: 10 burpees
    • Starter: slow down tempo, “half burpees” (end at plebs plank position), work on incline.

Hope you all enjoy!

Feel free to reach out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you have any questions! 

Author Lauren Ho

Lauren Ho, FIT Happy Hour Co-Founder, Crossfitter & Instructional Designer at the University of Hawaii

Lauren Ho (co-owner of FIT Happy Hour and Instructional Designer at the University of Hawaii) was born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. During high school, she won 7 cross country and track state championships. She went to University of Washington to run cross country before transferring to the University of Hawaii to play soccer. Right now she is a master’s student in Learning Design & Technology at University of Hawaii and working at the University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies as a faculty member. She continues to compete in OCR, Crossfit, XTERRA and SpikeBall, but has fallen in love with the idea of making fitness accessible to the ones who really need it!

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