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HumanN + Yancy Camp – Workout #3

by: Yancy Culp

This Wednesday I’m providing an effective workout that requires nothing more than a rebounding slam ball and 10min of your time. This is a workout I will build on in the coming weeks. Many gyms will have these type slam balls available. I really like workouts that require a throwing motion.

When we are throwing, it forces the body zone in on hand-eye-coordination, balance, and the brain has to be 100% tuned in to what’s going on to accomplish the movement.

As you’re performing these walking slams, you’re targeting all the upper body muscle groups while coordinating the throws with your walking. You may even get some funny looks at the gym or as you’re walking around your neighborhood but it’s a great workout and you can be the trend setter! Make sure you choose a ball weight that works for you. Some balls have a different bounce off the ground so make sure you do a few test throws to get used to the way it rebounds off the ground. Enjoy!

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Yancy Culp, Entrepreneur, Athlete, & OCR Trainer

Yancy is someone who can put a smile on anyone's face. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and it inspires anyone who meets him - trust us. He is a husband, a father of 2, the owner of, and loves to serve the youth in his community through fitness training and counseling. He is also not shy about raiding his kids' Halloween candy for any gummy candy he can find.

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