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HumanN + Yancy Camp – Workout #2

Often times the roller coaster ride of life leaves us with little time for fitness. Traveling and busy schedules can definitely throw us a curve ball. In the workout video below I demonstrate an effective full body workout using nothing more than our bodyweight and a Power Systems Versa Loop.

Bodyweight training is great because it’s the only weight implement we’re guaranteed to always have with us. There’s only one problem with body weight training. It’s impossible to work our back and bicep muscles during bodyweight training unless we add equipment, machines, bars, weights, etc.

The inexpensive and effective Power Systems Versa Loop that you’ll see me using in this video is a game changer when it comes to allowing you to add back and bicep training in to a bodyweight workout and it’s very convenient to travel with. In the video I demonstrate three movements that have you working your back and biceps, as well as two other exercises that have you using the loop. I’m a huge fan of bodyweight training but body symmetry is important when it comes to strength training and this workout will allow you to hit every muscle group in the body. A bonus is the fact that this strength training tool will fold up and fit in your back pocket, easily store in your luggage, or in your office drawer. Enjoy and until next time, much love from Austin, TX my friends.

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Author Yancy Culp

Yancy Culp, Entrepreneur, Athlete, & OCR Trainer

Yancy is someone who can put a smile on anyone's face. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and it inspires anyone who meets him - trust us. He is a husband, a father of 2, fitness coach, motivational speaker, veteran, the owner of, and he’s passionate about all things mental and physical conditioning.

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