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HumanN + Yancy Camp – Workout #1

A goal I have in 2018 is to be the most inspirational coach I can be.  It’s your responsibility to take care of your body and we’re going to help you do that in 2018. Your body takes you to work each day so you can provide for yourself and your family, it takes you on vacations with your friends and family,  and it carries you everywhere you go while creating memories.

Time is precious but your fitness is important. Building quick and effective workouts that provide full body focused strength training as well as aerobic conditioning is huge.

This workout will take you 20-30 min and it will provide a full body strength training session along with aerobic conditioning.  Let’s get it!


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  • Ball slams x 10
  • Hill sprint x 1
  • Hill sprint x 1 carrying slam ball
  • 100m run
  • This completes 1 round
  • Continue repeating for a total of 16 rounds

A few call-outs for you:

  1. I’m using a 50lb slam ball in the video.
  2. I’m using a steep 15-20 meter hill in the video.
  3. If you don’t have access to a slam ball, you can use a different weight implement (sandbag, sandbell, bar, etc).
  4. You can also easily scale down this workout by reducing the number of ball slams you do each round or reducing the number of rounds.

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Author Yancy Culp

Yancy Culp, Entrepreneur, Athlete, & OCR Trainer

Yancy is someone who can put a smile on anyone's face. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and it inspires anyone who meets him - trust us. He is a husband, a father of 2, fitness coach, motivational speaker, veteran, the owner of, and he’s passionate about all things mental and physical conditioning.

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