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Best of Nitric Oxide for N-Ovember

by: HumanN

To celebrate N-Ovember, we have curated our most popular Nitric Oxide content just in case you missed any. Enjoy!

The Connection Between N-O and Healthy Blood Pressure

The extensive research on Nitric Oxide reveals that supporting normal N-O production is important to maintaining healthy circulation and blood pressure levels. We highlighted three ways that Nitric Oxide plays an essential role in regulation in a healthy cardiovascular system.

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Top 10 Functional Foods That Are Known to Support Healthy Blood Pressure

Nothing affects our health more than what we decide to eat on a daily basis. We have curated the top 10 functional foods that are known to support healthy blood pressure, and some of the challenges you might not know about when it comes to trying to get the right amount of dietary nitrates from your current diet.

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How Nitric Oxide Works

Nitric Oxide is critical in our bodies. Without it, we can’t live. In fact, the loss of Nitric Oxide has been linked to cardiovascular health and has been called the greatest discovery in cardiovascular medicine. But did you know why N-O levels drop? Or how N-O impacts heart health, circulation, and energy?

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Fan Favorite Recipes

Two of our fans’ favorite recipes were Beetroot hummus from @SuperFoodRunner and a delicious SuperBeets smoothie from @FoodByMaria. If you haven’t tried either of these recipes yet, we highly recommend you do!

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