SuperBeets Energy Plus: Energy + Focus + Cardio Support

SuperBeets, our best-selling cardiovascular superfood, just got upgraded with a boost of GREEN TEA.

SuperBeets Energy Plus can:

  • Promote improved natural energy
  • Promote mental focus
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system

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"...Energy and mental clarity lasts long into evening but doesn't keep me up at bed time..."
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—Phil B

"I like natural energy instead of artificial ingredients. [It gets] me through my days at work..."
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A powerful superfood combination that supports cardiovascular health, healthy energy, & promotes mental focus

We took our US grown, non-GMO beets that help support a healthy cardiovascular system and gave them an added heart healthy boost of green tea extract - a popular, plant-based caffeine source. SuperBeets Energy Plus helps:

  • Promote improved natural energy
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Promote mental focus

SuperBeets Energy Plus provides 80 mg of PLANT-BASED CAFFEINE from green tea extract to break through the 2pm wall. In a great-tasting natural berry flavor!

Trusted and Effective

The world’s authority in human nutrition and Nitric Oxide Innovation, recipient of the Nutrition Business Journal Award for Science, and a University of Texas Health Science Center Technology Portfolio Company, HumanN® brings you its limited edition SuperBeets Energy Plus.

People who’ve tried SuperBeets Energy Plus love the added energy and focus.

Here’s what they’re saying:

"If you would have said 80mg of green tea caffeine would do that, I wouldn't believe it. But, I wake up easier & faster, sustained energy ALL day, still great taste, all from the very first day. Wow."
5 stars

—Phil B

"First of all the taste is amazing. I take my SuperBeets Energy Plus early in the morning before my workout and I feel amazing. I don't need energy to workout but I can definitely feel the difference. I've been a strength and conditioning coach for over 25 years and have used several products but this by far is in my top 5. You outdid yourself on this product."
5 stars

—Ted H

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