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Sarah E. Koenig


Sarah E. Koenig, Food & Lifestyle Blogger

A self-professed lover of eats, lifestyle, and fitness, Sarah is passionate for finding good food that fits her active lifestyle.

Paleo Peanut Butter Cookies

When that nighttime cookie attack strikes, these cookies are the perfect fix. This recipe from Sarah Koenig is super easy and made with only five clean ingredients. ... Read more

Superfood Mini Bites

Need a portable superfood snack option to tide you over in-between lunch and dinner while you're at work? Look no further than these great superfood mini bites from food & lifestyle blogger Sarah Koenig. ... Read more

SuperBeets Blueberry Drizzle

Nothing beats a hearty bowl of oats with a homemade blueberry drizzle (made with SuperBeets)!... Read more

SuperBeets Smoothie Bowl

Need that mid-afternoon wake up call? Try this SuperBeets smoothie bowl recipe from Sarah Koenig the next time you reach for an afternoon snack. ... Read more

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