Rose Wetzel


Rose Wetzel, OCR, Track & Field Champion, & Thai-food Lover

Rose is a goofy, optimistic weirdo at heart, who loves all things wacky, eccentric and artistic in this world. If you put all of her professional accomplishments aside (2x American Ninja Warrior finalist, pro obstacle course racer, 9x USATF (Track) Club National Champ Coach), her proudest accomplishment is graduating from Georgetown University with academic honors.

I am Rose Wetzel

In between eating her favorite meal of thai pad see ew (look it up, it's delicious) and hanging out with her parents and eight siblings, you might have seen Rose competing on American Ninja Warrior. She is also a pro obstacle course racer, a 9x USATF (Track) Club National Champion Coach, and graduated from Georgetown University with academic honors - so she's definitely not just a “dumb jock”. ... Read more

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