Monica Brant

Fitness Champion, Lifestyle Coach, & Equestrian

Professionally, Monica has achieved a lot in her career. One of her proudest accomplishments was making a comeback to Master's track after 25 years of not sprinting competitively, and not only qualifying for the 400m Women's Invitational at the Olympic Trails, but also coming in 3rd overall with a time of 59.76! Her best high school time was 57 back in 1987! Personally, Monica's proudest accomplishment is becoming a GodMom to three amazing children.

Healthy HumanN Series: Monica Brant

Closing out our Healthy HumanN series for Women’s Health Month, we’re highlighting our incredible female athlete, Monica Brant. As a Fitness Olympia Champion, Monica knows the ins and outs of the health and wellness world. Read more


Supplements My Husband and I Take

Between coaching and day to day communication with others I receive many questions regarding health and fitness over the course of a day.  For instance, how long have I worked out, what does my workout look like, how clean do I eat, how much do I eat, do I snack, do I eat out, do I ever cheat, how much do I bench press/curl/squat.... and what supplements do my husband (the Cowboy)  and I take? Read more


7 Days of Healthy Eating with Fitness Pioneer Monica Brant

We followed competitive athlete Monica Brant around for a week to get a glimpse into her healthy lifestyle and see how she incorporates SuperBeets Collagen into her everyday routine.  See what she had to say. Read more


I am Monica Brant

Monica is more than just a IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion, a Master Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Nutritionist. She is passionate about learning something new everyday and is driven to achieve her dream job of opening a retreat with her husband for families, kids and individuals to come and learn how to take care of their body. Read more


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