Matt Novakovich

Roofer & Pro Athlete

There isn't much this Alaskan doesn't do. Roofer by day, professional athlete by weekend and a dedicated father of four always, Matt believes that we are each responsible for the outcome of our lives and happiness. And he definitely walks the talk. At the age of 42, he has achieved a lot, including 2015 Spartan Elite Team World Champion, holding world mountain records on six separate mountains, and raising four children.

I am Matt Novakovich

Born and raised in Alaska, it’s not surprising that Matt “The Bear” Novakovich is an avid outdoorsman. For him, “roughing it” isn’t particularly rough. This father of four isn’t just a 2015 Spartan Elite Team World Champion, Mt. Marathon winner, and a six-time world mountain record holder, he also owns a roofing business, spending his days climbing ladders and carrying hundreds of pounds of materials onto rooftops. He considers it yet another training ground for what he loves to do: endurance sp Read more


The Bear’s Secret to Winning

Matt Novakovich, also known as the Alaskan Bear, is a Spartan Master's Champion, Yancy Camp Coach & Reebok Sponsored "Fittest Man Over 40". And when he has a secret to tell, we listen. Here is how Matt breaks down his way to build the base of success. Read more


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